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Your peaceful life is interrupted by a man who is too interested in you and doesn't take no for an answer.

In this demo for upcoming yandere otome game "Yandere Love: Chains of Fate", meet Damien, one of four love interests. Damien is a quiet, stoic man with cold eyes and a colder heart. But maybe you've managed to catch his interest?

The real question is if you want his brand of "interest"...

If you enjoyed the demo, please check out my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/ataraxicgames!

Note: This is the updated version of Damien's original demo! I encourage new and old players to check it out, even if you've played it before!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark, Dating Sim, Horror, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Psychological Horror, Romance, suspense, Thriller


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I was trying to join your patreon but i keep being told that "You can't join this creator's membership". I am able to join other patreons just fine (I tested it) but I cannot join yours for some reason. Is this patreon paused or something, or am I doing something wrong? I really liked the demo by the way!



Yes, our patreon is currently paused. It should be back up and running within the next couple of months. Thank you for wanting to support is though! It means a lot. 😁

Ok! thanks for letting me know :)


The plot seems interesting but the MC is infuriatingly dumb in the demo. I'm sure they'll be smarter in the full game (or maybe hope? idk) but the whole thing with the choker was the most obvious thing in the world.

One huge problem though: The pronouns are always female, which made me very confused at first and then very uncomfortable since I'm a man and picked the male option. I also picked the non-binary option afterwards, to see if the pronouns were still female with that one and they were. You should definitely fix that if you want to not make every non-female player extremely uncomfortable when trying the demo.

We will get this fixed right away! Thank you for letting us know.


I like this game so much, it is amazing but the one problem I did end up having was having she/her pronouns on me when im a male and chose he/him but I love this game so much its amazing keep the good work up!!

I'm so sorry to hear that! We'll be fixing that right away.

You are amazing!! Thank you, and thank you for your hard work on this game!


The art for this game is stunning, i'm so excited for the full game release!

I love this game and I really wanted to know what happens after the demo, but I can't support you on Patreon anytime soon despite wanting so much, because you deserve it, this game is amazing! 

So I wanted to ask you if in the future the download will be free for everyone or it will always be only through Patreon to play it? (Please, please, please say yes, even if it takes 20 years, I really want to play Zane's route he's so nghhh)

Anyway, thanks in advance â¤ï¸



I'm glad you like the game so much! :D

Regarding your question, unfortunately the early access chapters will remain behind the Patreon wall until the full game is released, and then will of course be accessible through purchasing the game itself. :( Sorry to disappoint!


(1 edit)

"She has been taken care of.." "Wha!?!" sorry that part of the dialoge had me laughing my ass off for some reason. Good work! Though I think the MC could stand to be more worried about the whole choker scenario. :)

lol Yes, that was definitely a bit cliche! But it fit so well, too1

And yes, we're changing some things to make her a little more realistic and not so... well, naive.

Thank you for your feedback!


Deleted post

Thank you! We're working very hard to get it out in full!


(1 edit) (+3)(-2)

Honestly, loved the game at first but I'll admit it's a little convoluted.

I found myself growing agitated with the protag during the "gift" and "necklace" chapters because of how obvious the answer was as to who the choker was from, and how seemingly calm she was with the circumstance of the gift, even after it got stuck on her neck. I realize the whole point is to build suspense because of the yandere plotline but it does get a little bit annoying when, instead of suspense, it's more of the protag deliberately going out of their way to ignore everything that has been laid out in front of them. This isn't really a plot error and more of something that could be fixed by rewriting the script a little. (It is only the demo after all, and I'm not some sort of videogame programming master. Just something I thought of while playing.) 

It is a good game that I did enjoy as a standalone but it could use some work, as the protag seemed more of an already written character without a name instead of an immersive character for the player, and really was so obliviously dumb it became infuriating. It is a demo and I understand it won't be perfect -even as an official release- but it seemed like it was trying to fit everything it could into just a couple chapters. The game is described as a yandere dating sim, but up until the last chapter it felt more like "stereotypical YA novel MC is pursued by a slightly creepy rich man."

It also really took me out of it to find out the protag was a stereotypical thin light skinned blonde girl with straight hair. I'm assuming she's a self-insert of the dev, which isn't really wrong in anyway, but if you're making any changes to the chapters in the official release it'd be a lot more immersive for a lot of players for there not to be a canon appearance for the protag. 



Thanks for your valuable feedback! You're not the only one to have a complaint about the demo's writing, and all i can say is that yes, this is a demo, and the full version of the game will be different. This was just to get started 😊

As fas as the CG at the end, that is an out of date image. In the full version and in the gender-neutral demo, there is nothing to physically identify the player (you will even be able to choose your pronouns at the beginning!)

I hope that if you stick around fof the full game you won't be disappointed!



Of course and thank you! I didn't mean anything to sound patronizing or negative, just my thoughts. I'm sure the official release will be awesome because I really did enjoy the demo overall!

Thank you very much !

Of course!

Hello I do not understand : it is said that Ciel Route was released, but I cannot find the link to the demo. Is it only for the patrons ? Or in the first demo ? 

(1 edit)

Everything except the demo is on Patreon. :) the subscription to play them is $5/month. This is the link: https://www.patreon.com/ataraxicgames


Hi, first I would like to thank you for this demo, it's wonderful, great design, music and story. And I would also love to offer my help to translate. I'm a native french speaker and I major in languages so translating is something I like to do. I use discord so if you wish to have the game translated in french I'm here.


I will get back to you soon! I would love a French translation and I'm sure others will, too. 😁

I didn't notice Ciel's route is our hehe.

First off i LOVED the demo & can't wait to check out the other guys. Quick question though. Is the demo the entirety of Damien's route, and therefore how long each route will be, or will it be longer?


No, Damien's demo is only part of a longer story with more decisions and higher stakes :) I don't have a solid plan on how long the entire routes will be, but they will definitely be longer than the demo.


Why aren't more people talking about this game?! It's gorgeous, and from what I've played I really like it♥ I'll be uploading a playthrough soon as I'm editing it now, I hope you will enjoy it!


Hello wonderful Author and people, I'm sorry to bother but could someone be so kind as to tell me if one needs to be a patreon in order to download the rest of the content? I am very new here so I know nothing of this wonderful novel, except for the fact that I would love to play it of course :)
Thank you in advance to whoever answers!


With the $5 "Darling" tier on Patreon, you can play the other early-access chapters that have been released there, and your contribution supports the creation of more early-access content. :)

Hope to see you there!

-Ataraxic Games 

Thank you very much! I'll look it up :)


I'm Brazilian and I was SO happy to see it was in Portuguese! Thanks!

I'll be waiting for when the full game comes out!

Btw I don't know why but in the middle of the game I was convinced he was a vampire, only later towards the end I remembered that this was something I made up in my head lol

The portuguese translation sometimes had certain errors that were in english out of nowhere, I don't know if this is because you couldn't translate those lines or if it's just a programming error, but I simply wanted to say that if you want I can translate the character lines from english to portuguese (of course without paying anything obvious)

Anyway, I loved the game! Perfect!


Haha I'm not surprised you thought about vampires - it does give off that kind of vibe, doesn't it? (P.S. I have a yandere vampire novel called Sweet Cinnamon and Honey if you're interested! It's NSFW, but it's also free!)

I will definitely take a look at those translation errors. Thank you for the insight. I could definitely use the help with editing any translations, so if you're interested, my discord is nyssathebandit#6005. Thank you!


I will definitely check out this game! Thanks for recommending!

And yes it really gives that vibe lol

I sent you a friend request, my username is Sweetness


I really enjoyed this game!! I live for a stalker X'D that I have to go with the worst choice just to see what would happen srjettjssjsfsjf and I'm not disappointed!

And I enjoyed MC's personality! I really have fun playing with her XD

                                                                                                                I also was very happy to see the game was available in Portuguese, but I have a couple of issues with the translation, the choice to wear the necklace makes the game stop, I don't remember now what error was, but I had to go back in English to continue 

but, it didn't bother me I have a really great time playing! 


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I will definitely need to check out that error, so thank you for letting me know!


I'm not finished with the demo yet, but I've noticed some things that just make my suspension of disbelief wear increasingly thin. For example; she put on the choker and it won't come off, so she just says "I guess this is life now"??????? Girl, get a file to that thing.

Also, her friend from work getting excited that she got a present with a very expensive gift in it. Instead of thinking "Yeah, that's a little creepy, but eyyyy rich sugar daddy maybe?", she just jumps straight to encouraging the protagonist to accept the gift.

Lastly, at the part where I'm at currently, Protagonist is at the nightclub and it is implied that she has been there some times before. Creepy dude from her job comes and they have a pleasant conversation where he offers to buy her a drink. Safety 101, don't leave anyone alone with your drink, no expectations. Protagonist never even thinks about it; she just idly looks around, never blinking an eye towards the stranger bringing her drink.

W H Y ?

Otherwise the game is great, the art is beautiful and detailed, and I love how the diner's setting image changed when switching days. I'm excited to finish this demo!

(1 edit) (+1)

To be honest, I totally get the difficulty with the suspension of disbelief. The game is still in early stages, and the demo will probably get a bit of a refresh before full access.

Also, regarding some of the choices that you questioned like letting a drink out of your sight... Unfortunately, despite best efforts it still happens. Not everyone is educated so well about that kind of thing.

I'm glad that overall you enjoyed the game! Thank you for the feedback.

(1 edit) (+5)(-2)

People who vote down on gender questions are mean and selfish :(

 I also would love the option, but only if it wouldn't tire the author(s)!

 It's nonetheless a very anticipated game on my list, thank you so much for hard work! Art is so beautiful and I can't wait to explore the game more as it progresses! Would it be okay to ask, will we have an option to be, frankly speaking, "willing character" (I believe this termin excist in yandere community?) or have a good end in general, without "fixing up" our RO/LI? I guess it's more of a twisted good end then, haha, but I'm just merely curious about possible dynamic between charas :)

p.s sorry if some sentences don't make sense, English isn't my native lang haha


This game was a lot of fun I know I shouldn't have had as much fun playing it but I loved how it was kind of comical yet very serious situation just by the choices you make, you could literally end up in chains of love.  I can't wait to play the other romances.


You know what! I played the demo and -  jeee~ I wanna play it all :D  what a cliffhanger~


I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll look forward to when Zane's demo comes out!


love it! Left me wanting more!

I can't wait for the full game!


Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy Zane's demo when it releases!


Very fun! Definitely looking forwards to the full game! I wish there were more gender options though since I am not a girl. 


Gender options are something I'm contemplating but haven't decided on yet. It would require something of an overhaul for some dialogue. However, keep an eye out! It may be something I add in the future. :)


only been playing a few minutes, I do wish there was an option to choose pronouns or gender since Im not a girl, but im definetly still gonna play lol


Gender options are something I've yet to decide on. Keep an eye out though because it might be added in the future!

I love games like this! Looking forward to seeing more. Would happily pay for a game like this once finished.


I'm glad you like it, and I'm very glad to hear you would pay! One of the goals I have is to continue this as a series if it's popular enough, so this is great news! Thank you!


- listen yall this was a fun game so far i highly recommend yall play it!!!!! 

i loved how alive the setting (especially the diner) changed! Makes me feel emersed fr fr 

- also may I record this game and post it on youtube? I will link everything and your Patreon in the description and mention it during the video! 


Yes, that would be just fine! Please send me the link on my discord (mitsusayo#6005) so that I can share it! Sorry for the late reply by the way 😥

ofc!! I didnt get to do it because of school- keep of the good work!!!

One of the things i liked the most was the change of scenery on each day of work, i love little details like this, it feels alive. Im looking forward to play the full game. Good luck!


Thank you very much! Me and my artist worked hard to give it that "alive" feeling, and will continue that throughout the series! It's always good to have those little details recognized. I hope you'll keep an eye out for Zane's demo!

Finally, I was looking for a game like this and I loved the demo, this is a great game and I hope to see it to its end, also I don't know if you already noticed but Damien's sprite is a bit too high, you'll see when you hide the HUD but just pointing it out incase you didn't already fix it

Thank you! That will be fixed in the next patch :)

Glad to help


this game is so good and i really like it so far, but will there at least be an option to choose pronouns or to turn off protagonist portraits ? :( 

That is definitely something to take into account! Thank you for the feedback :)

thank you :DD i really appreciate it ! ^^


This is such a cool game so far, would it be possible to include a male pronouns option? I'm just a gay guy trying to play games about unhinged hot men ;u;

Nice screenshots, lmao.


This was really enjoyable! I was a little disappointed to see the person we play as so late in the demo as it gave a false impression of immersion. Other than that it is very well written and I can't wait to see what else happens!

A very intriguing story! There's a lot of ways the narrative can go depending on the characters, and I think adding more moral dilemmas would be interesting. Also, the Saving and Loading Menu was a little confusing. Overall, a very good time was had 


I liked the game a lot! just at the end where it shows mc it broke immersion for me which is sad but can't wait until the full game!

Yes, I definitely understand breaking the immersion. That might be something we take into account and change depending on feedback! On Patreon, we have polls for things like this :)

Oh man, I'm extremely excited to see more to come! Yandere characters are my guilty pleasure (a bit of toxic obsessiveness, as a treat, yk? haha) and the demo was the perfect balance of intrigue and spookiness. I'm enjoying the art style as well, the characters look lovely. The UI/Menu font might be a bit hard for some (particularly those with dyslexia) to read, though. Excellent work, I'll be keeping an eye on this project! :)


Thank you for letting me know! We can definitely take that into consideration if that's going to be a problem - we want it accessible to anyone who like yandere characters!

Just finished the demo, I really enjoyed Damien's yandere attitude! (spoilers ahead, I guess?) I hope Kaley is okay tho :( she seemed like a nice friend


All the demos will be expanded upon before release; this was just a preliminary thing to see if there's any interest!



And trust me, you'll find out at least a little of what happened to Kaley... maybe try some different choices in the demo? 😉


I loved the demo!  Can't wait to support the full project in the future <3

Thank you! There's currently a poll up for $3/month to vote on the next demo to come out - when you can support, we'd really appreciate it if you participated!


Looks cool and the black haired guy looks like Levi from AOT XD loved it <3

That was definitely not the intention, but now that you've pointed it out... yes. Whoopsies. At least Levi's hot LOL

I've just finished the demo, it looks fantastic! Can't wait till the game will be finished!

P.S. Just a quick question, has Damien's appearance been influenced by Loz from Final Fantasy: Advent Children :D?

It was not! Just a lucky coincidence, I guess. Loz is a hottie, that's for sure.

(But has nothing on Sephiroth of course.) 😉

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